Invest in Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Riding

This is a little different post for me. I’m an avid motorcycle rider and I happen to do some medical work. What do those have in common? Wrecks. I get to see plenty of motorcycle riders messed up from a wreck. So, I like to preach about wearing protective gear.

Motorcycle riding is one of the most pleasurable, exhilarating things to do; however, it’s easy to overlook the danger inherent in this activity. Ideally, there would be some magical orb acting like a barrier for the rider, protecting them from bodily harm. Unfortunately, until they invent that technology the best way to protect ourselves is investing in protective clothing.

The first and most valuable thing to protect is the head. The helmet, still a controversial subject on whether riders should be forced to wear one, is life saving. Head injuries can cause brain damage or even worse death. A few types of helmets are full face, flip-up or open face. I’m a big fan of the bell motorcycle helmets.

The full face offers the most coverage and protection than any other helmet, protecting ears and eyes as well. The flip-up wins when it comes to convenience, full coverage while being able to communicate sans removal of the helmet. The open face, while providing the least amount of protection is better than nothing, just keep your mouth closed to avoid eating as many bugs as possible.

Take a tumble off your bike and you will have an intimate moment with the asphalt. Jeans will do nothing, shredding away in seconds, along with your skin. Wearing protective leathers, you can avoid the pain of road rash.

Your jacket should have extra padding on the elbows, back and shoulders. Elbows are fragile and one of the body parts, second to the hands that reach the ground first. The back and shoulders should have the padding to protect from additional injury when hitting the pavement. Pants ask for extra padding for the knees, and of course both need to be made from abrasion resistant material if not made from leather.

As previously mentioned, hands are vulnerable, often making contact first because of the natural reaction to putting them out for protection. A pair of gloves, padded and reinforced can save you painful hand and finger damage.

If the idea, of wearing protective gear is unappealing to you keep this fact in mind, no matter how skilled a motorcyclist you are, you have absolutely no control over other motorists on the road; be well prepared and take preventive action. Take a look at the professionals, they’re some of the best riders in the world; they wear all the protective gear when riding or racing. You only get one body, take care of it the best you can.

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